Maya goes viral; Making facemasks together; WakeUp with a BioLift; and much more!

by: Michael Ordman


Covid-19 one-second gargle test

Israel’s Sheba Medical Center is trialing a gargle-and-spit test that is 95% accurate in detecting Covid-19 infections. The USB-powered machine is the size of an ashtray and takes just one second to conduct light analysis of gargled mouthwash. Results from standard PCR tests take much longer.

Maya goes viral

“Maya” is the Israeli-developed 3D-printed nanotech sticker (reported here previously) that adds Covid-19 protection to surgical masks. It now will be mass produced at the DYKAM printing plant in Kibbutz Ein Harod and soon will be available to medical staff in Israel, Canada, Japan, Spain and elsewhere.

Helping ADHD children to hear the teacher

Israel’s Nuancehear has developed the “Sound Selector” to help students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The device filters background noise to help focus on hearing a teacher or lecturer. A trial on 31 students with Clalit Health Services has been positive.

Treating intrauterine conditions

Israel’s OCON Healthcare has been awarded $13 million of orders for its Intra Uterine Ball (IUB) proprietary platform. The purchasers are South America’s DKT and UK’s Consilient Healthcare, where the product will be fully reimbursed by the National Health Service.

Park ranger saves choking baby

Just a nice story featuring Afiw Bkreia, a park ranger at Nachal Amud in Israel’s Galilee. Afiw volunteers as a United Hatzalah paramedic, is a member of the canine rescue team, runs a photo club and much more. So, he did not panic when given a lifeless baby that was choking on a banana.


Singing for Covid-19 relief

Popular Israeli singer Ishay Ribo performed at an event in New York to raise money for the coronavirus relief efforts of Israeli social and educational NGO Migdal Or (“Tower of Light”). Ishay recently recovered from Covid-19. Keynote speaker was Gilad Erdan, Israel’s new ambassador to the US.

Israel’s European Tech Women

4 Israeli female entrepreneurs have been chosen to speak at the first UK DIT European Tech Women Event in London on 2nd Sep.They are among 24 European Region women recognized for their achievements in the tech field. The Israelis are all founders and CEOs of their companies.,7340,L-3845624,00.html

Making facemasks together

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein and Samaria Regional Council Head Yossi Dagan dropped in to see the Supergum factory in the Barkan Industrial Zone in Judea and Samaria. There, Jews, Israeli Arabs and Palestinian Arabs work together to produce surgical masks for the Israeli and overseas market.

German & Israeli air forces fly together

For the first time, the Israeli Air Force (IAF) is holding a joint drill with the German Air Force in Germany. During the two-week exercise, the planes are scheduled to fly over Dachau and Munich – two auspicious sites for Jews and Israelis.


International aid to Covid-19 victims

Great video summarizing Israeli aid to Honduras, Bolivia, Chile, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Kenya, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Senegal, Philippines, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Western Ukraine.


4,000 overseas agricultural students

In 1994, the Midwest Arava Regional Council invited 50 Thai workers to mix academic study with practical work experience of Israel’s agriculture technology and methods.  Currently more than 4,000 students from around the world participate each year.

Untold News tells the news

Jacob Kamaras’ article below is a great advert for pro-Israel advocate Marcella Rosen and her Untold News initiative. Its Facebook page has over 725,000 followers including the important Hispanic community. The article itself describes many of Israel’s vital innovations to combat Covid-19.

Latest UAE peace progress

Immediately after the Israel – United Arab Emirates announcement, phone lines were opened, blocks on Israeli websites were removed, Covid-19 research agreements (see here) were signed, and an Israeli pop star was even invited to appear in Dubai.,7340,L-3844892,00.html

200 Israeli companies trade with UAE

According to the Manufacturers Association of Israel, some 200 Israeli companies are already exporting products – mostly telecommunications, medical equipment, and security – to the UAE. And OurCrowd CEO Jon Medved expects many more to join them soon.,7340,L-3845269,00.html,7340,L-3845233,00.html,7340,L-3845312,00.html


Predicting the next Covid-19 outbreak

Israel’s Neura (reported here previously) has announced the adoption of ViruScore, the first ever Covid-19 predictive testing solution. It allows communities to track their “pandemic index score” using AI plus anonymized data from mobile devices. Testing can then focus on high risk areas.,7340,L-3844697,00.html

IAI’s 3rd round of innovators

The Innovation Center of Israel Aerospace Industries (see here) is opening its 3rd 13-week accelerator program to startups in machine learning, quantum computing, radar, sensing, robotics, big data, computer vision, smart cockpits, propulsion, drones, cyber, 3D printing, new energy, IoT, and more.,7340,L-3845300,00.html

Arrow 2 test successful

Israel has conducted a successful test of the Arrow 2 defense system. The joint Israeli-US interceptor missile destroyed an incoming missile that simulated an Iranian Shihab-3 surface-to-surface missile.

Alder Lake is coming

Intel Israel is developing “Alder Lake” – Intel’s next generation of increasingly more powerful micro-processors. The new chip is scheduled for 2021, following Tiger Lake and the current Ice Lake. It is Intel’s first “hybrid” chip (2 core types) to give high performance in use, but low power when on standby.,7340,L-3844875,00.html

End to end security

Israel’s Ananda Networks allows companies to implement their own secure private network, but without having to trust or rely on any third party. All communications throughout the network are end-to-end encrypted, plus much faster and simpler than a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

FoodTech innovators

Israel’s Future Meat (reported here previously) won the FoodTech Innovation startup contest, organized by Calcalist and Tnuva. Future Meat develops tech to produce GMO-free meat from animal cells, without the need to raise or slaughter animals.  Runners up were Amai Proteins (see here) and NextFerm.,7340,L-3844827,00.html

WakeUp with a BioLift

The re-branded and newly launched Biolift WakeUp beverages (reported here previously) are designed to overcome the tiring midday slump known as ‘’Post Lunch Dip”. Scientifically tested at Israel’s Technion and Rambam Medical Centers, the 3 flavors are now available to purchase online.

From F35s to car safety

Israel’s RFISee has adapted technology from the F-35 fighter jet and air defense systems to prevent accidents in self-driving cars. Its low-cost phased array 4D all-weather imaging radar provides significantly improved visibility on existing radar technology for autonomous vehicles.

Safer transportation of fuel supplies

Israel’s Eyesight Technologies (reported here previously) has partnered with the GloboConnect Group to develop a driver monitoring device targeted for the Oil & Gas fleets industry. It aims to improve road safety for an estimated 50,000 potentially hazardous vehicles.

Managing traffic in Phoenix

Phoenix Arizona, the 5th largest city in the US, has partnered with Israel’s NoTraffic (reported here previously) who will install its autonomous traffic management platform. NoTraffic has shown that it can reduce vehicle delay times by roughly 40 percent.,7340,L-3845444,00.html

High demand for smart vehicle testing

Israel’s Foretellix (reported here previously) tests the safety of smart automatic vehicle systems. Despite Covid-19, it has too much business than it can handle, as Autonomous Vehicle manufacturers have just re-focused from full autonomy to ADAS (advanced driver-assistance systems).,7340,L-3845722,00.html

A partner for the flying car

Israel’s Urban Aeronautics (reported here previously) is partnering with U.S.-based non-profit Hatzolah Air to develop, produce, and market its CityHawk aircraft as an air ambulance. The EMS vehicle will be able to land in a busy street, treat and transport patients to appropriate medical facilities.,7340,L-3845744,00.html

StoreDot is a game-changing pioneer

Israel’s ultra-fast charging technology company StoreDot (reported here previously) has joined Israel’s REE Automotive (see here) as one of the two Israeli top 10 winners of Bloomberg’s 2020 NEF Pioneer Award for game-changing companies leading to a low-carbon economy.

A slice of printed meat

Israel’s MeaTech (reported here previously) has reached a milestone in its “Project Carpaccio” to bio-print real meat using stem cells, but without harming animals, causing pollution etc.. It successfully 3D-printed a thin layer of meat and is now on target for printing a 100-gram (quarter pound) steak.,7340,L-3845414,00.html


S&P maintains Israel’s credit rating

Karen Vartapetov, the credit analyst at Standard & Poor’s in charge of setting Israel’s sovereign rating, said there is no immediate threat for a downgrade. He said advanced countries including Israel, have relatively effective institutions, relatively high income and credible economic policies.

More cash for tech startups

Israel’s Innovation Authority (IIA), the government’s tech investment arm, has had its budget increased by NIS 390 million budget. It will now extend its Fast Track Incentive program to help hi-tech startups during the coronavirus crisis. It has also renewed its GovTech Incentive Program.,7340,L-3845745,00.html,7340,L-3845679,00.html

Improved protection for investors in startups

Israel’s Investment Authority is encouraging investing in early stage startups. It has reduced the minimum investment eligible for government protection to NIS 100 million (was NIS 150 million). The state will provide up to 40% of the original investment in case of losses incurred.,7340,L-3839464,00.html

A good tip

Israel’s Tipranks (reported here previously) provides analysis and ranking based on text data on news sites, analyst reviews, corporate reports and more. Its services are now used by millions of direct users, plus clients of Santander, TD Ameritrade, Nasdaq Etrade and most of Israel’s banks and investment houses.,7340,L-3844234,00.html

A smart Israeli irrigation partnership

Israel’s Viridix, a developer of data-driven precision irrigation systems, is partnering Israel’s Talgil, a manufacturer of professional irrigation controllers. They will provide farmers with the ability to automate irrigation cycles by optimizing water needs for each crop.,7340,L-3845253,00.html


More precision irrigation

Israel’s CropX (reported here previously) is partnering US giant irrigation company Reinke Manufacturing. Farmers using Reinke’s ReinCloud app will be able to remotely run their irrigation system while simultaneously using CropX’s soil sensors and analytics to maximize crop yields.,7340,L-3845425,00.html

Success in investment analysis trials

Israel’s Fintica (reported here previously) has successfully completed its Proof of Concept with Japan’s Nikko Global Wrap (part of Sumitomo Mitsui). Nikko will continue to use Fintica’s AI engines to help its financial decision-making. Fintica is part of Israel’s Cortica (see here).,7340,L-3845413,00.html

Taking note of AudioCodes

Live Cloud for Microsoft Teams developed by Israel’s AudioCodes has been selected by secure communication service provider Enablis for its customers in Australia and New Zealand. AudioCodes’ ‘Mia’ (reported here previously) automatically helps enterprises with note-taking.,7340,L-3844822,00.html

Investment in Israeli startups: K2View raised $28 millionBambi Dynamic raised $6 million;


On with the show

Even during a pandemic, in Jerusalem the show must go on. Western Wall prayers meet Covid limits; nature trails are popular; construction continues; IPO musicians and Rock school students perform outdoors; the Tower of David show is sold out and several festivals are scheduled to go ahead.

What’s Up at Center Stage

Last week’s On-Cue interview at Israel’s theater for English speakers featured comics Lenny Ravich and Mike Kroll (see here). Tonight (Aug 23 noon EDT) see “The Wandering Israeli” Elad Shippony with Aaron Scheer of “The Daily Freier”. Coffee Club on Aug 26 features Keep Olim in Israel.

Thousands watch meteor display

There was plenty of space in the Mitzpe Ramon crater in the Negev for 40,000 Israelis to watch this year’s Perseids Meteor Shower. Many lucky Israelis were surprised earlier in July, when comet Neowise appeared, for the first time in around 7,000 years.

Perfect Play at Chelsea FC

Top British soccer club Chelsea has launched the Perfect Play soccer training app. Israel’s Coach-AI developed the app’s virtual coach in labs in Germany and Israel. The technology helps soccer players improve skills based on professional knowledge from the Chelsea FC Academy.–new-app–perfect-play–off,7340,L-3844814,00.html


Books for Israeli children

Harold Grinspoon’s Foundation HGF runs PJ Library, the world’s largest children’s Jewish book program. In 2009 it partnered Israel’s Ministry of Education to launch Sifriyat Pijama (Hebrew) and Maktabat al Fanoos (Arabic “Lantern Library”) the world’s largest Arabic book-gifting program.

Israel re-opens to international students

Israel is re-opening its borders for international students to begin academic studies during the 2020-2021 academic year. Many universities and colleges are still accepting applications for the fall semester beginning mid-October. See the official Study in Israel website.

Educating Haredi for tech

Good article about the Jerusalem College of Technology. 89% of their haredi students gain employment immediately after graduation. It has retrained garment makers into cybersecurity experts and placed haredim into the cyber departments of aerospace companies and also cyber start-ups..

More good publicity for Israel

Last week’s positive Israel newsletter was featured for the first time in two international media publications – San Diego Jewish World and Israel Bonds.

Saving lives together

Israeli-Arab Eyad and Israeli Jew Ya’akov are both paramedics with Magen David Adom. During their work saving lives of Jews and Arabs, they have developed a strong friendship.