Some of the confiscated “dual use” items purchased by terrorists. (COGAT)

Hundreds of Ali Express and Amazon orders earmarked for the Gaza Strip were identified as containing potentially dangerous ‘dual-use’ materials.

On Wednesday, the Gaza Coordination and Liaison Administration, along with Erez crossing officers, the Crossings Authority at the Ministry of Defense and the Israel Post prevented hundreds of potentially dangerous packages from entering the Gaza Strip.

Thousands of packages from online mail-order sites, such as “AliExpress” and “Amazon,” filled 220 mail bags. Following inspection, Israeli security forces stopped 167 parcels from entering Gaza due to suspicions that the orders contained materials that could be used for terror attacks.

The “dual-use” items, having both civilian use and terror attack potential, included drones and spare parts, cameras, weapons equipment, military face masks, lasers, airbag mechanisms, communication equipment, electronic components, radio wave disruptors and weapons scopes.

Following the seizure, Colonial Iyad Sarhan, head of the Coordination and Liaison Administration in Gaza, said, “We view this very seriously and we will continue to do everything possible to prevent their intention to harm the security of the State of Israel and its citizens.”

This is not the first time that packages earmarked for the Gaza Strip have been stopped by Israel’s combined security forces. TPS reports that since Operation Protective Edge in 2014, there have been thousands of attempts to smuggle potentially detrimental materials into the area for Hamas rocket production and military build-up.

Just this morning, the Israeli Air-force (IAF) struck a Hamas compound in Gaza following their launching of a rocket, that was intercepted by Israel’s Iron Dome.

The rocket was launched after Israel closed the Gaza fishing zone following a barrage of terrorist incendiary balloons that caused six fires and severe agricultural damage in Israel.

“The cynical attempts of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip to exploit the civilian policy that the State of Israel employs for terrorist purposes are doomed to fail,” declared Sarhan.