Israeli demographics (MFA

Israel’s diverse population is half the size of Metropolitan New York City and numbers only two percent of the inhabitants of the Middle East.


Here are some facts about the Israeli population, which numbers 8,522,000.

The Jewish population stands at 6,377,000 million – 75 percent of the entire population. Israel’s Arab citizens constitute 20.8 percent of the total population, numbering approximately 1,771,000. Non-Arab Christians and other religious groups constitute 4.4 percent of the population.

Despite the fact that Israelis constitute only 2% of the Middle East population:

Israel has the highest ratio of university degrees and PhDs per capita in the world.

Israel has the highest concentration of engineers in the world and the most scientists and technicians per capita than any other developed country,

Israel produces more scientific papers per capita than any other nation in the world – by a large margin.

Israel has the highest number of physicians per capita in the world.

Christians in Israel enjoy safety and freedom and have thrived in recent decades, as opposed to those in all other areas of the Middle East.

Women in Israel – as opposed to those in the rest of the Middle East – enjoy full political rights.