Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. (Flash90)

Watch and listen to these Palestinians who explain the real cause of their problems.

The international community has invested billions of dollars in the Palestinian Authority. But instead of using the money to build infrastructure and help the Palestinian people, most of the money has been stolen by corrupt leaders who are completely uninterested in building a Palestinian state or making peace.

The conflict with Israel is very lucrative for them personally, and very little funding is actually monitored or preconditioned on progress or reforms. Instead of building a Palestinian democracy, Palestinian leaders have built a radicalized police state which systematically abuses human rights in Judea and Samaria and Gaza.

The fact that this system is funded by Western democracies is disheartening to say the least for the Palestinians for whom the aid is intended. Watch and listen to these Palestinians expose the real cause of their suffering.

What Palestinians are afraid to tell you…

Since the mid 90s, the United States alone have given over 5 billion dollars in aid to the State of Palestine, but where has the money gone?

Posted by ‎Jerusalem Institute of Justice מכון ירושלים לצדק‎ on Friday, February 2, 2018