Lauren Isaacs, director of Herut, displayed her organization’s flag on the Temple Mount in June 2019. She is scheduled to speak in Winnipeg on July 18. (Courtesy)

An event in Winnipeg that is “at the forefront of informing, educating Jewish communities to deal with the new manifestations of anti-Semitism” may be canceled due to complaints from anti-Israel activists. Don’t let that happen!

Lauren Isaacs, the Toronto director of Zionist organization Herut Canada, is scheduled to speak at an event in Winnipeg this coming Thursday, titled “The State of Jewish Hate: How Jewish Progressive Activists Fuel Modern Anti-Semitism.”

Isaac made headlines in June when, on a trip to Israel, she visited the Temple Mount, Judaism’s holiest place, and unfurled the Herut Canada flag, which resembles the Israeli flag, on the site. Her mother snapped a photo, which went viral on social media and infuriated anti-Israel Muslims who deny any Jewish connection to Jerusalem.

“I wasn’t trying to provoke anyone,” she said at the time, rather surprised by the reaction. “I’m a proud Jew, an unapologetic Zionist and I was standing on my holy ground. And when you’re standing on your holy ground I don’t think there’s anything wrong with holding your flag with pride.”

This week’s event will discuss fringe Jewish groups such as Independent Jewish voices, which spew lies and distortions about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, such as the “institutionalized discrimination against Palestinian citizens of Israel.”

The program is being organized by the Winnipeg Jewish Business Council and TheJ.Ca, news outlet, which was created in 2019 and “provides a strong pro Israel media voice lacking in our Winnipeg Jewish community and Western Canada,” according to its website.

Ron East, publisher of TheJ.Ca, and editor Marty Gold explained in a video (below) that the administrator at the River Heights site of Corydon Community Center, where the event is scheduled to take place, had informed him that it was being canceled. After prodding, she conceded that there were complaints but gave no further information.

In a subsequent phone call, he was told that the event was no longer canceled but instead in a “review status.” Later, he was told it was in a “due diligence” status, as the center checks the background of those planning to attend.

‘They Don’t Want People to Learn the Truth’

There was no confirmation as to who the complainants against the schedule event were, but East and Gold feel certain that it came largely from the “progressive Jewish left,” which is “fueling anti-Semitism.”

These groups, they say, take direction from the Palestinian leadership and “don’t want people to learn the truth about who is behind these movements” that are anti-Israel and anti-Semitic and routinely harass Zionists.

They explained in the video how ludicrous it is that “some undefined, as-yet-unsourced complaints” were made against a Jewish community meeting in a Jewish neighborhood about an issue that affects the Jewish community.

“This event is at the forefront of informing, educating Jewish communities to deal with the new manifestations of anti-Semitism,” East stated.

“They are trying to silence the pro-Israel community. They’re scared of what we will reveal about them. Let them try. I am speaking regardless, so see you in Winnipeg,” Isaacs posted Sunday on Facebook.

Apparently bombarded by angry supporters of the event, the administrator requested that TheJ.Ca ask people to stop calling and emailing the community center. East said he politely responded that he would not do that.

It seems the calls to the community center are making an impact. Let’s help make a difference!

To support Lauren Isaac’s visit in Winnipeg, email [email protected] or call 204-488-7000.  Tell them: Let Lauren speak!

Let them know that you support Zionism and, most of all, free speech.