Terrorist Zaki Ghannam (Twitter)

Palestinians have a long history of claiming that terror group members are “civilian casualties” after the IDF eliminates them.

The media manipulating Palestinian propaganda strategy known as “Pallywood” strikes again. Indeed, after the IDF eliminated Palestinian Islamic Jihad members during counter-strikes in response to a massive rocket attack, the lies began about these terrorists being “civilians.”

Alexandra Halaby, who says she is the cousin of terrorist Zaki Ghannam, claimed on Twitter that he was in “no way” affiliated with Palestinian “resistance.”

Unfortunately for Halaby, Joe Truzman, known for his coverage of the Gaza Strip on Twitter, spilled the beans, posting  “Palestinian Islamic Jihad confirms the death of one of its northern branch militants, Zaki Adnan Mohammed Ghannam. He was killed by and IDF airstrike earlier today.”

The Israel Defense Forces tweeted on November 13, “Since 4am Tuesday, we targeted terrorists involved in firing rockets at Israeli civilians. We killed 20 terrorists, most of them from Islamic Jihad. Our mission is to defend the people of Israel.”

IDF Twitter

Included in the tweet were images of 9 terrorists eliminated by the IDF.

Israel was bombarded with at least 450 rockets from the Gaza Strip over a 50 hour span following killing terrorist leader Baha Abu Al-Ata on November 12.

The country has been in relative state of calm following IDF efforts to stop the rocket fire on Israeli citizens.