United with Israel was contacted by a Christian woman who stood up for human rights and common decency by installing a ‘mezuzah’ outside her home. She now urges others to do the same.

This was her message:

Ellie Chmielewski

Ellie Chmielewski.

“My name is Ellie Chmielewski. I live in the north of England. Some time ago I read an article about a lady called Delphine Ankaoua who had lived for 10 years in an area of Paris with her family until one day her neighbours came to her home and asked her to remove her Mezuzah (parchment inscribed with religious text) from her door. She was so shocked by this that she contacted an organisation which helps Jews combat anti-Semitism, and their advice was to just remove the Mezuzah!

“In an effort to escape anti-Semitism she chose to leave her life in France behind and move to Israel. It is so wrong that these people had to leave their home of 10 years. The rise of anti-Semitism is something which deeply affects me, I am not Jewish. I am a Christian but I worship the same God, the one true God. He put it in my heart to show my support and unity with the Jewish people in a visual way and I wish Christians everywhere who love Israel and love the Jewish people would do the same. Get yourselves a Mezuzah and put it on your doorposts.”

This is not a religious issue. This is a human rights issue and we commend Ellie for her incredible act of kindness. It is important to emphasize how fortunate the Jewish people are that Israel exists and welcomes all Jews. Let’s hope it will not be persecution that drives the Jewish people back home, but rather a personal choice.

Thank you Ellie Chmielewski!