PM Netanyahu with Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Yang Yang.(Kobi Gideon / GPO) (Kobi Gideon / GPO)
Netanyahu China Yang

Israel and China are deepening their diplomatic and economic ties to the benefit of both parties. A Chinese delegation is in Israel to have a closer look at Israel’s booming industry.  

A delegation of leading businesspersons from China is in Israel for a week-long visit to have a first-hand encounter with Israeli innovations and to learn from the Israelis how to create a work environment that stimulates creativity.

The visit was organized at the initiative of the Israeli embassy and with the assistance of the Economy Ministry.

During their stay, the Chinese met with prominent Israeli figures such as industrialist Stef Wertheimer and former President Shimon Peres. They will visit Israeli companies to experience Israel’s unique “innovation eco system”.

With the deepening of economic relations between Israel and China in recent years, the Israeli Embassy in Beijing has been encouraging and facilitating visits of businesspersons from major Chinese economic organizations to Israel, in order to experience Israeli innovation and creativity.

The current delegation is from China Green Companies Alliance, an organization that belongs to the China Entrepreneur Club (CEC). Headed by the CEC’s president Ma Weihua, the visiting group consists of 25 entrepreneurs and executives from 23 companies, covering industries such as sustainable construction & design, IT & software, healthcare & medical technology, agribusiness, biotechnology, finance & investment, among others.

CEC is a non-profit organization that encompasses the leading business elite of China. It was founded in 2006 by leading Chinese entrepreneurs, economists and diplomats dedicated to the goal of nurturing entrepreneurship and honest business practices, and sustainable economic and social development. CEC members represent the first generation of modern Chinese entrepreneurs.

In November, Israel and China signed a joint agricultural action plan to strengthen cooperation in the fields of trade and research between the two countries.

“We are excited about the economic and trade cooperation between Israel and China,” Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel said after the signing. “There are many successes, but it is not enough. There is more to do to broaden the bilateral ties, and the purpose of this meeting was to advance further achievements. Let us increase our exports to Asia and, thereby, help farmers, as well as limit the European boycott.”

“China is Israel’s largest trading partner in Asia and fast becoming perhaps Israel’s largest trading partner period as we move into the future,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated in May 2014.