British pop celebrity Dua Lipa (Youtube)

An award-winning British singer and songwriter, hugely popular with the younger generation, posted vile false accusations about the IDF on Instagram. She has 46.4 million followers.

British pop celebrity Dua Lipa reposted her filmmaker friend’s anti-Israel rant on Saturday that defamed the IDF – the most moral army in the world – with vicious lies.

As noted by the Israellycool website, which reported on the posting, “It does not matter that I had not heard of her before today; she has a huge following. To give you an idea, she has a whopping 46.4 million followers on Instagram.

“In other words, young people are going to listen to what she has to say.”

Vin Arfuso, Lipa’s anti-Semitic friend, claimed in his post, ”The big bad tough guys of the #IDF thoroughly enjoy beating and shooting children. They even have shirts that depict a pregnant Palestinian woman with a sniper scope on her stomach that reads ‘1 shot two kills.’ But don’t worry, they’re all terrorist so it’s all good. We totally understand.”

Arfuso, an anti-Israel activist, makes the outrageous claim that “for years, the Palestinians have recognized Israel’s right to exist in peace/security and only ask for their independence. If wanting equality and justice is ‘anti-Semitic’, then we all have way bigger problems.”

His rant also attacks Americans, calling them “fake Christians in the mid west” [sic].

He adds, “FYI, if this post bothered you don’t worry- I’ve been working on a documentary for the last year that will bother you even more.” One can only imagine what vicious lies it will contain.

Another reason for Lipa’s posting is likely the influence of her anti-Israel boyfriend Anwar Hadid, raised in Malibu and the son of billionaire Mohamed Anwar Hadid, a Jordanian-American real estate developer who speaks about the alleged “Israeli Holocaust against the Palestinians.”

We should all be concerned that millions of youth will likely believe the heinous lies propagated by the pop celebrity.