Bon Jovi in concert. (AP/Paul Jeffers) (AP/Paul Jeffers)
Bon Jovi

The iconic American Bon Jovi band will make its first appearance in Tel Aviv this fall. Until then, Israeli fans will be livin’ on a prayer.

The popular Bon Jovi band announced a Tel Aviv performance scheduled for October 3 at Hayarkon Park. It will be their first-ever appearance in Israel.

After several rumors had circulated about an upcoming concert, the Israeli producers announced on Tuesday that Bon Jovi will in fact rock Tel Aviv as part of a 12-country tour. The production is estimated to cost some NIS 15M.

Bon Jovi’s concert in Israel is “an historic event” and it is important “that the world understands that Israel isn’t what you see on CNN,” producer Shai Mor Yosef of the Bluestone Group told a press conference at Tel Aviv’s Dan Hotel.

Already in 2010, lead singer and guitarist Jon Bon Jovi announced his intention to bring the band to Israel as part of a concert tour, but the performance never materialized.

The band has been playing since 1983, sold over 100 million records and performed at more than 2,500 live concerts.