BBC protest in London, Sept. 26 2020, (Shutterstock)

BBC radio program pushes fake Palestinian propaganda narrative denying Jesus was a Jew from Judea.

The BBC is at it again, pushing Palestinian propaganda that Jesus was one of them, rather than a Jewish resident of the territory that was known historically as Judea.

The BBC World Service radio program “Heart and Soul,” aired initially on December 18th and available for listening online, was hosted by British theology professor Robert Beckford.

Beckford interviewed several people, including one who correctly says that Jesus was a Jewish Judean, but concluded the show by switching back to the Palestinian narrative.

“The color of Jesus matters, both literally and symbolically,” Beckford said at the end of his broadcast. “A first century Palestinian Jew had color. And if the Christian god is found amongst the oppressed of this earth, then God must be black.”

The UK division of the U.S. based media watchdog group the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis (CAMERA), took notice that “Beckford is of course by no means the first to promote the notion of Jesus as a Palestinian, be that for political ends or as a result of lack of knowledge.”

“While one can of course agree or disagree with Beckford’s politics and ideas, this programme’s repeated references to Jesus as ‘a first-century Palestinian Jew’ are clearly inaccurate and misleading to audiences,” CAMERA said in response.

The Palestinians have repeatedly try to hijack Christ for propaganda purposes, going completely overboard by calling him the “first Islamic martyr,” even though Islam did not even exist at the time and would only appear in the region more than 500 years later.

Beckford was also criticized on social media, with a user named Tom Clement tweeting: “Unless Robert Beckford is a member of the black Hebrew Israelites or Nation of Islam cults, he knows very well that Jesus was not geographically black and that a territory called ‘Palestine’ didn’t exist [at the time]. Stop altering history for your own aims.”

Earlier this year Israel’s Foreign Ministry put the digital smackdown on a comedian who tweeted from his satirical account that Jesus was a “Roman-era Palestinian.”

Apparently the comedian behind this Twitter account failed to see the absurdity of claiming that a modern-day group of Arabs who named themselves “Palestinians” in the 20th century are connected with a Jew from the Land of Israel in Biblical times.

There is a common consensus among historians and researchers that Jesus was Jewish, was born in Bethlehem, grew up in Nazareth and lived in Roman-occupied Judea.