Jerusalem Stabbing Attack

A 70-year-old woman suffered multiple stab wounds after being attacked by an Arab terrorist in the area of the Jerusalem’s Central Bus Station.

The terrorist began his violent attack by stabbing a 70-year-old Jewish woman, causing serious stab wounds. An nearby bus driver quickly directed the woman onto his bus and closed the doors, before the terrorist could board.

The Jerusalem Post reported the terrorist as Ahmed Sha’aban, a 23-year-old resident of Jerusalem’s Ras el-Amud neighborhood. He had served three years in an Israeli prison for previous terrorist activity.

The terrorist tried to run away before he was seen by a special forces officer, who and shot the attacker dead before he could continue his attack.

The woman was brought Shaarei Tzedek hospital for treatment. Paramedics said that she suffered multiple stab wounds to her upper body. May this be the last terror attack that we suffer.