An anti-Israel demonstration at Hebrew U. (Tom Nisani)

The hypocrisy and ungratefulness! Arab students at Hebrew University, an institution established by Zionists, called to ‘expel the Zionists’ from Israel. 

Arab students at Jerusalem’s Hebrew University called to expel the “Zionists” from Israel during a protest held Tuesday at the university’s Mount Scopus campus.

“Palestine is Arab from the river to the sea; Zionists leave, our land is Arab and free; We will not give up, Israel is a terrorist; Raise up your hand and scream, death is better than humiliation,” were among the slogans chanted by the Arab students affiliated with the Arab Joint List political party.

The protestors were joined by Arab Member of Knesset (MK) Yousef Jabareen who told the protestors to “be proud of our struggle.”

Students from the Im Tirtzu Zionist organization mounted a counter demonstration nearby. They waved Israeli flags and sang “Hatikvah,” Israel’s national anthem.

This protest followed a clash on Monday between Arab and Jewish students over a memorial erected by Israeli students in honor of IDF Sgt. Ron Kukia, who was murdered in a terror attack last week in Arad.

Arab students responded to the memorial by approaching it while waving a Palestinian flag in protest, prompting the altercation.

“What we have seen in Hebrew University over the past few days is disgraceful,” said Tom Nisani, national branch coordinator for Im Tirtzu who was present at the protest. “Under the guise of free speech, Arab students are calling for the destruction of Israel and are inciting violence. The university must take this incitement seriously and immediately discipline those students responsible.”

Last month Arab students held a similar protest against Israel’s presence in the Golan Heights, during which they chanted slogans including “Zionists, out” and “There is no solution, but to get rid of the occupier.”

In May, Arab students staged a protest in solidarity with Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli prisoners, during which they waved photos of convicted terrorists and called for an “intifada,” a violent uprising.