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Collaborating in a new start-up, Israeli Arab and Jewish security experts, using the latest technology, together have created the Smart Home app, enabling residents to monitor their homes from afar.

The “smart home” is the latest in technology, and it was invented by a team of Israeli Arabs and security experts from Haifa.

Through the MindoLife home platform, created by the Haifa start-up, one can run electrical appliances at minimal expense via a phone, thereby controlling electricity consumption from afar – even from outside the country.

By accessing information on local weather conditions, a “smart home” can automatically adjust for changes and save up to 30% of electricity costs.

One could also, for example, activate the water heater or air conditioner on the way home, so that the home is already comfortable upon arrival.

The process involves integrating the home with existing ‘smart’ devices, such as TVs, iRobots and coffee machines by suing a simple application installed on a smartphone, which is completed secured and protected. The system is more efficient and less expensive than other solutions available on the market, making it accessible to broad sectors of society.

The Start-Up Team

Rami Younes, one of the four co-founders of MindoLife, is a software engineer and graduate of the Technion. He is responsible for business management and hardware design.

Rami Khawaly, with degrees in software engineering and industrial management, is responsible for R&D management and public relations.

These two original partners were joined by Yoav Rosenthal who, as a graduate of the IDF elite intelligence unit and with years of experience in the field of cyber security, is responsible for the MindoLife security platform and strategy.

Noam Levi, formerly an engineer for Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. who worked on developing security products such as the Iron Dome anti-missile system, is an expert in embedded systems.

Company Represents Israeli Diversity

The team takes pride in its pluralistic make-up. “We are proud of our staff and we are proud that the team comprises all communities – Christians, Jews and Muslims,” the company stated in a press release issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In fact, one of the device’s practical applications is particularly suited to the religious Jewish population, which does not light a fire or turn on electricity on the Sabbath. The MindoLife system can prevent any such transgression by separating and neutralizing the plugs and switches, even if pressed by mistake.

The start-up company received financing in the amount of two-million shekels (half a million dollars) from the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel. MindoLife is currently in the development stage and is planning to recruit more staff and move into a large, new office. It will also soon be launching a new Internet of Things (IOT) product for emerging companies that will provide advanced connectivity of devices, systems and services, covering a wide variety of protocols, domains and applications. The MindoLife IOT platform handles network and security issues, enabling organizations to develop highly secured and reliable systems without fear of cyber attack.