Anti-Israel boycott campaign on a US campus. (AP)

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Letter says religious Jews who study the Talmud attain “satanic and demonic powers.” (shutterstock)

In the latest display of vicious Jew-hatred, at least three towns in the New York area received an anti-Semitic letter, saying Jews are dangerous should be placed on reservations. Police haven’t yet decided whether it was a hate crime.

The Jewish mayor of Wesley Hills, a village in New York State’s Rockland County, received a virulently anti-Semitic letter at his office on New Year’s Day, claiming that “Chasidic and Orthodox Jews are a severe danger to civilized society.”

The mayor, Marshall Katz, is in fact  a Modern Orthodox Jew.

Wesley Hills was reportedly among at least three towns to receive the faxed, one-page letter that suggests Jews “be placed on reservations under the supervision of the United Nations, and that they “be given physical work to keep them occupied.”

“The religious Jews are at war with the ‘Goyim,’ and the Talmud is their weapon,” the letter states. “The Talmud gives the Jews satanic and demonic powers to snatch the souls out of the heads of boys and girls of all faiths (Christian, Moslem, Hindu and Buddhist). These soul-less children then become drug addicts or commit suicide, while the religious Jews…multiply like rodents.”

Anti-Semitism New York

Anti-Semitic march across New York’s Brooklyn Bridge during a pro-Palestinian rally in August 2014. (AP/Jason DeCrow)

Rockland County police are investigating the source of the letter. According to The Jerusalem Post, “if tracked down, the author…could face a harassment charge, but police would also weigh whether the act constitutes a hate crime.”

Recipients of the letter contacted the Anti-Defamation League, which earlier this week had expressed “deep concern” over the increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the New York area.

In one case, for example, a 62-year old Jewish man was attacked by two men on his way home from synagogue in New York. There was no provocation. Other recent attacks include a man being shot with a paintball and another man who was beaten with a glass bottle.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center, at the end of 2015, released its annual ranking of the 10 worst anti-Semitic and anti-Israel incidents of the year. The Center, which combats global anti-Semitism and racism and educates about the lessons of the Holocaust, wrote in the report that in 2015, “a year of raging anti-Semitism and extreme anti-Israelism, it was difficult to limit the list to Top Ten.”