George Galloway. (AP/Jon Super) (AP/Jon Super)
George Galloway

Vehemently anti-Israel British politician George Galloway blamed “racists” and “Zionists” for his surprising defeat in the recent U.K. election.

Galloway, who represented the Bradford West constituency as a member of the Respect Party, overwhelmingly lost to Naseem Shah of the Labour Party, 50-21 percent.

“But there will be others who are already celebrating: the venal, the vile, the racists, and the Zionists will all be celebrating,” Galloway said in his concession speech, The Telegraph reported. “The hyena can bounce on the lion’s grave but it can never be a lion and in any case, I’m not in my grave. As a matter of fact I’m going off now to plan the next campaign.”

Last year, Galloway declared his city of Bradford as an “Israel-free zone,” in which Israeli tourists, academics, and products are not welcome, adding that he “rejects this illegal, barbarous, savage state that calls itself Israel.” Galloway has also vigorously supported Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, saying that Israel and al-Qaeda—not Assad—are responsible for using chemical weapons on Syrian civilians.

Aside from his strong anti-Israel views, Galloway has been plagued for years by charges of corruption. In 2003, he was booted from Labour after being found guilty of bringing “disrepute” to the party. More recently, he was accused of misusing government funds for his private charity, Viva Palestina.