Pro-terror UN ‘goodwill ambassador’ Mohammad Assaf. (AP Photo/Kamran Jebreili)

Why would the United Nations choose a Palestinian “goodwill ambassador” who sings about destroying the Jewish state?

Mohammad Assaf wants to see Israel wiped off the map, and he loves to use his golden voice to urge his fellow Palestinians to seek that goal.

Shockingly, the United Nations agency UNRWA named him a “goodwill ambassador,” despite the fact that he croons about turning thriving Israeli cities like Haifa, Tzfat, and Tiberias into Arab strongholds.

Assaf, who won the “Arab Idol” TV talent contest in 2013, was recently exposed by Israeli paper Makor Rishon for his violent messages when he sings in Arabic.

While naming a pro-terror singer to serve as a “goodwill ambassador” is appalling, UNRWA is no stranger to controversy and is still reeling from a scandal last year involving UNRWA Commissioner-General Pierre Krahenbuhl, who was forced to resign “amid an investigation into sexual misconduct, nepotism, and abuse of power,” Reuters reported.

Assaf for his part sings about “rifles” and “resistance” and honors people like Latifa Abu Hamid, “the mother of five Palestinian men who are serving jail terms for terrorist attacks that killed twenty Israelis,” World Israel News (WIN) reported.

“Let our dear mother be honored. Congratulations to her, her sons, the prisoners and all the prisoners,” Assaf told the crowd during that performance.

“Songs are like weapons. National songs have a role in preserving the revolution in the Palestinian people. They are an integral part of the struggle. Art is resistance,” Assaf told Jordanian TV channel Roya, WIN reported.

Why is the United Nations championing a singer who promotes terror, martyrdom, and bloodshed?