Illustrative. German police. (Oliver Dietze/dpa via AP)


An Albanian national faces over eight years in prison after murdering an Israeli in Berlin.

An Albanian man has been convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for killing an Israeli whose body was found in a ruined Berlin church last year.

The state court in Berlin ruled Tuesday that the suspect killed 22-year-old Yosi Damari after the men met at a hostel and got into an argument for reasons that remain unclear, news agency dpa reported.

The suspect, whose name wasn’t released in line with German privacy laws, was arrested days later in the Czech Republic.

The 28-year-old Albanian, who had come to Berlin because of a job offer, had told judges he was attacked by the Israeli, and then knocked him to the ground.

Damari’s body was found by passers-by last April. He had suffered massive head injuries.

By: AP