Nick Cave on stage. (Jim Ross/Invision/AP)


Anti-Israel boycotters are pushing Nick Cave to cancel his concert in Israel. We must counter these voices of hatred and urge him to keep the date! 

Notorious anti-Israel activists are calling on famous musician Nick Cave to cancel his gig in Israel, issuing an open letter calling on the rocker and songwriter to boycott the Jewish state this November.

“Please don’t take part in apartheid, boycott Israel!” the letter states.

Infamous anti-Israel activist Roger Waters issued a call of his own, accusing Israel of his standard list of purported crimes and violations.

“By playing in Israel you’ll be playing in a state where, UN rapporteurs say, ‘a system of apartheid has been imposed on the Palestinian people,’” he claimed.

The letter appears to be alluding to a report authored in March by a United Nations organization, which was ultimately rejected by the UN itself for its anti-Israel bias. However, Waters still pushes the report’s rejected conclusions.

Cave has not yet responded to the boycott calls. This will be his fourth visit to the Jewish state.

We must counter there heinous calls of hatred and urge Cave to steer away from animosity and ugliness, which achieve nothing but more hatred and ugliness.

Please send Nick Cave a message thanking him for his scheduled concert in Israel and asking him not to listen to the voices of Israel-haters and anti-Semites.

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