Israeli Consul General in Chicago, Roey Gilad. (Niagara Foundation) (Niagara Foundation)
Roey Gilad


Israel’s Consul General in Chicago was going to speak at a Niagara Foundation event, until pro-Palestinian groups forced the rude un-invite. Protest the Foundation’s decision!

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Roey Gilad, Israel’s Consul General in Chicago, was scheduled to appear at an interfaith dialogue event hosted by the Niagara Foundation to discuss whether religions can build peace in the Middle East.

But after appeals by the anti-Israel US Palestinian Community Network and American Muslims for Palestine, the Niagara Foundation announced that it was canceling the planned peace event with Gilad.

Jewish organizations including the American Jewish Committee, Chicago Board of Rabbis, Jewish Community Relations Council and Jewish United Fund met with Niagara representatives to try and clarify the reasoning behind the cancellation. Apparently, Niagara Foundation was not forthcoming in its response so the Jewish organizations wrote a letter:

“In a statement, Niagara – a Midwest organization that describes itself as bringing together people to celebrate diversity in a shared society – said it had canceled the event because it determined that it was ill-suited to the organization’s ‘stated mission of fostering positive interfaith dialogue in an apolitical environment free from contentiousness.’ This fear of contentiousness was due to threats of disruption by extreme anti-Israel groups, which oppose ‘normalization’ with Israel and seek to de-legitimize the Jewish state.”

This is unacceptable. Niagara caved to anti-Israel groups and in doing so, compromised its own stated mission “to promote social cohesion.”

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Tell the Niagara Foundation to reverse its decision

Please take a moment to call out the Niagara Foundation for violating its own mission and caving to pressure from anti-Israel groups. You can:

1. Call Niagara’s office at (312) 240-0707. Dial 3 to speak with Vice President of Communication & Outreach, Hakan Berberoglu. Please leave a message if nobody answers!

Sample script: “My name is _____ and I am calling to question the reason the Niagara Foundation has for canceling its event featuring Consul General of Israel Roey Gilad. This decision is wrong, is based on false accusations against Israel and must be corrected.”

2. Click here to write a message directly on Niagara Foundation’s Facebook page.

3. Tweet this message: Shame on you @niagaraf for canceling your event with @IsraelinChicago and standing on the wrong side of history.

4. Click here to send a complaint via email.

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