Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (AP/Andrew Harnik)

Canada recently joined the chorus of anti-Israel voices at the United Nations, voting “yes” for the first time in 14 years on a biased resolution condemning Israel for protecting its citizens from terror.

Canada voted “yes” last week on a pro-Palestinian U.N. resolution that it consistently rejected since 2006.

The resolution was sponsored by North Korea, Egypt, Nicaragua, Zimbabwe, and the “State of Palestine,” and refers to land in Judea and Samaria as “Occupied Palestinian Territory.”

The resolution demands “an end to the Israeli occupation that began in 1967.”

CBC reported that prior to last week’s vote, 14 of the same types of resolutions dating back to 2006 had been rejected by Canada.

Pro-Israel groups and officials have expressed dismay that Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau allowed this to happen.

The land to which the resolution refers as “occupied” was in reality captured by Israel in wars launched by its Arab neighbors. Furthermore, at no point in history has Palestinian “state” ever existed in Judea and Samaria.

Israel gained control of the land from Jordan, who “occupied” it before Israel reclaimed the territory. This strip of land has remained the Jewish people’s ancestral homeland since the time of the Bible.

The U.N. resolution also condemns the security barrier Israel was forced to erect due to waves of Palestinian terror attacks referred to affectionately as “intifidas” by the Palestinian Authority and those who seek Israel’s destruction. The barrier, which is a wall in certain places, was necessary to prevent suicide bombings, shootings, stonings, stabbings, lynchings, and other forms of terror, which resulted in the murder of, or injury to, thousands of innocent Israeli civilians.

The barrier has saved the lives of countless Israelis, and yet this biased U.N. resolution blasts Israel for protecting its citizens with this “wall.”

Despite Canada’s betrayal by supporting this resolution during a “committee vote,” there is still time for Canada to reverse its vote in the next and final vote at the U.N. General Assembly in mid-December.

We must tell Prime Minister Trudeau: don’t betray Israel’s security by voting yes on this biased pro-Palestinian resolution!

Canada must vote for the security of innocent Israelis, not for a pro-terror Palestinian regime.

1. Sign this petition immediately urging Prime Minister Trudeau to reverse Canada’s vote at the U.N.

2. Send Prime Minister Trudeau a message via Twitter @JustinTrudeau demanding that Canada reverse its vote at the U.N.

3. Send Prime Minister Trudeau an email directly at [email protected] telling him to reverse Canada’s vote at the U.N.