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The US State Department has rejected a petition by members of Congress to close the Palestine Liberation Organization’s mission in Washington as a temporary response to the wave of Palestinian terror attacks taking place in Israel. The Palestinians should not be allowed to support terrorism and operate freely in the US!


The State Department rejected a petition by 32 members of Congress to close the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s (PLO) embassy in Washington in wake of the wave of Palestinian terror attacks.

State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau on Tuesday rejected the lawmakers’ demand, though she confirmed that the department had received the letter and said Kerry would respond to it.

“I would note we believe closing the PLO office would be detrimental to our ongoing efforts to calm current tensions between Israelis and Palestinians, advance a two-state solution, and strengthen the US-Palestinian partnership,” Trudeau said, explaining the Obama administration’s refusal to comply with the lawmakers’ petition.

PLO's embassy in Washington D.C.

PLO’s embassy in Washington D.C. (

In the letter sent last week to Secretary of State John Kerry, the lawmakers demanded that the administration revoke the PLO’s waiver permitting it to maintain an office in the US capital.

The senators accuse the PLO of inciting to terror, funding terrorism and paying imprisoned Palestinian terrorists a salary as an award for acts of terrorism.

“Shockingly, despite being complicit in spreading hatred and terror, the PLO retains an office in Washington, D.C.,” the lawmakers wrote. “We ask that the State Department revoke the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s waiver to maintain an office in the United States.”

Protest the State Department’s misguided effort to “strengthen the US-Palestinian partnership,” especially while Palestinian intransigence on the diplomatic peace process continues and Palestinian terrorists run rampant in the streets of Israel.

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