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A blatantly anti-Israel class at UC Berkeley has been reinstated after being temporarily suspended over the contents of the syllabus. Unfortunately, there is a pattern of anti-Semitism at UC Berkeley and we need your help to protest to the university.

University of California Berkeley has reinstated a student-led course about the history of Palestine that was suspended last week after an outcry from dozens of Jewish organizations.

The school’s social science dean Carla Hesse announced in a letter to faculty that the ethnic studies class was reinstated after the teacher revised the course description.

Hesse had suspended “Palestine: A Colonial Settler Analysis” after receiving a complaint from Jewish and civil rights groups that the course syllabus appeared to describe a politically motivated, anti-Semitic class. Hesse said it wasn’t properly vetted to ensure it wasn’t espousing a single political viewpoint.

Last week, a letter signed by 43 Jewish and civil rights groups said the course description, speaker lineup and Hadweh’s affiliation with pro-Palestinian groups show a politically motivated class.

“A review of the syllabus of ‘Palestine: A Settler Colonial Analysis’ reveals that the course’s objectives, reading materials and guest speakers are politically motivated, meet our government’s criteria for anti-Semitism, and are intended to indoctrinate students to hate the Jewish state and take action to eliminate it,” the letter stated.

The revised class syllabus says the “course will examine key historical developments that have taken place in Palestine from the 1880s to the present, through the lens of settler colonialism.”

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