The Lens Culture photo essay by Antonio Faccilongo. (Antonio Faccilongo)

Photography site LensCulture published a biased photo essay by photographer Antonio Faccilongo, which falsely portrays Palestinian women living alone as victims of Israel’s policies, when in fact the husband or father was most likely arrested for criminal or terror related activity. Protest this anti-Israel bias!


A photo essay on LensCulture by Antonio Faccilongo, a freelance photojournalist based in Rome, Italy, offers a biased look at Palestinian women living alone while their husbands remain imprisoned in Israel. The site offers no context, makes no mention of Palestinian terrorism and attempts to pull at the reader’s heartstrings by misrepresenting the reason these women live alone.

In fact, there are so many Israeli women now living alone because of terrorists – likely some of them the arrested Palestinians – who killed their spouses and orphaned their children.

In a description of his photo essay, Faccilongo writes,

“One of the dramas involving the Palestinian people, in addition to the difficult socio-political situation, is that a very large number of their men are in Israeli prisons.

But what, then, can we say about the struggle of the women left behind?

I sought to respond to this question in my work “(Single) Women,” which tells the story of the mothers, wives and daughters of Palestinian political prisoners held in Israeli detainment. Waiting for the return of their men, these women struggle to support their families, both economically and emotionally, often finding themselves with many children to raise.

I was intrigued by how the lives of these women are suspended as they wait and wait…and wait…”

Faccilongo attempts to portray these women as suffering in a refugee camp when in fact the photos show most of them sitting in opulent, luxurious surroundings.

Some women are described as living in Palestine, which is a non-existing country.

Faccilongo also writes that the men are “political prisoners” which is a flat-out lie. Israel does not have political prisoners. Israel arrests terrorists and criminals and those involved in terror- or criminal-related activity.

Protest this ridiculously biased photo essay, which should never have been considered by LensCulture as “great contemporary portraiture.”

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