Demonstrators march in Marseille, southern France. (AP/Claude Paris) (AP/Claude Paris)
ACT NOW! Protest France’s Decision to Label Israeli Products from Judea and Samaria

France is backing European Union plans to label Israeli products made in Judea and Samaria. This is a blatant anti-Semitic boycott that hurts not only Israelis, but also Palestinians. 


In April, France and 15 other EU countries urged the bloc to clearly label products sold in member counties which originated in Israeli communities in Judea and Samaria, east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights.

French Economy Minister Emmanuel Macron said recently that while Paris backs EU plans to label products from Israeli communities, it opposes any boycott of Israel.

But therein lies the problem. Labeling products made by Israeli companies encourages the boycotting of Israel!

The labeling plan has been blasted by Israel as part of an international delegitimization campaign against the Jewish state.

Specific labeling of exports such as food and flowers would give shoppers the perceived choice of whether to “support” Israeli communities or boycott them. Israel wants produce from those areas to continue being labeled “Made in Israel”, as is currently the case.

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