Indiana Legislature. (AP/Darron Cummings)


While the global anti-Israel boycott movement isn’t making as much progress as it wishes, the issue must be addressed. One of the ways to defend Israel against boycotts is for US states to pass legislation against the anti-Semitic movement. Help make it happen!


Nearly a year after the state of Tennessee became the first legislature to condemn the anti-Israel boycott movement, the number of states that have recognized the urgent need to fight the BDS movement is growing. This is a great achievement, but there is a lot more work to be done as there are still 44 states to go!

Please help us keep this momentum going by contacting your state legislature representatives and asking them to pass legislation that condemns BDS.

Click the links below to see how other US states have rightfully condemned the anti-Israel boycott movement:

TennesseeIndianaNew YorkGeorgiaCaliforniaFloridaIllinois

Help protect Israel against the anti-Israel boycott movement!

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We Need Your Help Asking States to Condemn BDS!

Contact your governor and/or state legislature to encourage them to reject the anti-Israel boycott movement!

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