Israeli chefs who participated in the Round Tables event. (Courtesy: Round Tables)

Israel haters are calling on renowned chefs to boycott Israel. We must encourage these chefs not to succumb to the pressure and come to the Jewish state.

For the third consecutive year, renowned chefs from 14 famous restaurants around the world will be attending a unique festival which includes a week of culinary events in Tel Aviv.

The Round Tables Festival, described as a prestigious international culinary festival that brings together the world’s best restaurants and their Israeli counterparts, features a number of farm-to-table restaurants and other prominent culinary venues.

Each international restaurant sends its head chef and his team to spend a whole week in the kitchen of a leading restaurant in Israel. Every hosting restaurant will serve a tasting menu featuring the signature dishes of the guest restaurant, seasoned with a pinch of local flavors and ingredients inspired by the host restaurant’s Israeli chef.

The chefs come from 11 countries – Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Denmark, Belgium, Peru, Mexico, England, the US, Italy and Scotland – 3 appear on the world’s most prestigious and influential World’s 50 Best Restaurants list, 6 hold 1 Michelin star, and 2 boast 2 Michelin stars.

This is yet another great opportunity to expose the Jewish state’s rich culture to the world– a culture that is not always given the proper stage.

However, the Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel (PACBI) and other anti-Israel organizations are calling on their activists and followers to exert pressure on the chefs to try to bully them into canceling their trips to Israel.

We must counter this anti-Israel campaign and encourage the chefs to come to Israel and not to succumb to the voices of hatred and negativity.

The Israel haters are calling on the chefs not to “cater to Israeli apartheid.” We must call on these chefs not to “cater to hatred and anti-Semitism.

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Urge the Chefs Not to Boycott Israel!

The following is the list of the participating restaurants, the chefs and their social media contact info. Please choose at least one chef and write him a massage encouraging him to come to Israel.  


7132 Silver, Swiss Alps

Chef Sven Wassmer

Twitter: @7132Hotel


Andreu Genestra, Mallorca

Chef Andreu Genestra Garcia

Twitter: @AndreuGenestra


L’Air du Temps, Éghezée

Chef Sang Hoon Degeimbre

Twitter: @degsan


Maido, Lima

Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura

Twitter: @Mitsuharu_maido


El Sud 777, Mexico City

Chef Edgar Nuñez

Twitter: @EdgarNunezM


Ricard Camarena Restaurant, Valencia

Chef Ricard Camarena

Twitter: @RicardCamarena


Little Social, London

Chef Jason Atherton, Head Chef Cary Docherty

Twitter: @carydocherty


Aniar, Galway

Chef JP McMahon, Restaurateur Drigin Gaffey

Twitter: @mistereatgalway


The Elephant, Torquay

Chef Simon Hulstone

Twitter: @Hulstone


Loch Bay, Stein, Isle of Skye

Chefs Michael and Laurence Smith

Twitter: @KiltKuisine


Kadeau, Copenhagen

Chef Nicolai Nørregaard

Twitter: @NicolaiKadeau


Pok Pok, New York

Chef Andy Ricker

Twitter: @pawkhrua


Il Desco, Verona

Chefs Elia & Matteo Rizzo

Twitter: @ildesco