Twitter is granting anti-Semites access to the global public. We must protest this tolerance for spreading hate!

An unfortunate byproduct of the social media age is the broader platform that technology has afforded hate speech. While companies such as Facebook and Twitter have official policies banning racism, anti-Semitism and other forms of hate speech, their actual responses to the widespread dissemination of such views on their platforms have left much to be desired.

For instance, Berlin-based Israeli artist Shahak Shapira, after being subjected to too many anti-Semitic posts, began reporting them to Facebook and Twitter, resulting in an abysmal complaint response rate and an even worse record of taking action, particularly from Twitter.

Twitter acknowledged a mere nine posts out of the over 300 reported, albeit removing none from its application.

Shapira was forced to protest Twitter’s silence in a creative way in order to arouse public attention to the problem. Using 30 stencils bearing the offensive tweets’ messages, he spray-painted the hate speech outside the building housing the social media giant’s headquarters in Hamburg and on the sidewalk for management to see.

To date, Twitter has only weakly responded to Shapira’s protest.

Shapira’s plight is one of many.

While free speech should be safeguarded, hatred and anti-Semitism must not be tolerated.

We must demand that Twitter abide by its own community guidelines by removing hateful posts and banning anti-Semitic users. Please contact Twitter and make your voices heard!

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Protest Twitter’s Inaction Against Hate!

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