Palestinian official Jibril Rajoub (Screenshot)

Fighting terror begins with preventing its supporters from entering the country. We must demand that Palestinian official Jibril Rajoub be held accountable for his incitement to terror that resulted in fatal attacks on US citizens.

Palestinian terror leader and Fatah Central Committee Secretary Jibril Rajoub is scheduled to speak in New York next Wednesday, April 5th, at an event organized by the Israel Policy Forum.

Rajoub is a vocal supporter of terrorism and guilty of incitement.

Family members of US victims of Palestinian terror have joined Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) in demanding that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson prevent Rajoub from entering the US.

Stuart Force, father of Taylor Force; Ruth Schwartz, mother of Ezra Schwartz; Rina Ariel, mother of Hallel Yaffa Ariel; Micah Avni, son of Richard Lakin, and Avraham Fraenkel, father of Naftali Fraenkel, have all joined the request.

In many cases, these acts of violence were sanctioned by Rajoub.

The victims’ relatives are demanding that Rajoub by barred from touching US soil. Should he enter the country, they are calling for his arrest.

In a letter to Tillerson, PMW notes that Rajoub publicly encouraged violence and glorified “martyrs” throughout the 2015-2016 wave of Palestinian terror that claimed the lives of 45, including several American citizens, and wounded about 650.

Rajoub also called on Hamas to kidnap Israelis in 2014, just a few months before US citizen Naftali Fraenkel and his friends Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach were kidnapped on their way home from school.

“It’s clear that kidnapping is the language they [Israelis] understand. On the contrary, we encourage them [Hamas],” he stated in 2014.

Under US law, any alien who “endorses or espouses terrorist activity or persuades others to endorse or espouse terrorist activity” is “ineligible for visas or admission” to the US [8 U.S.C. 1182 – INADMISSIBLE ALIENS, 2006 Edition, Supplement 5].

Rajoub and other Palestinian leaders responsible for inciting the recent terror campaign have concluded that there is no international price to pay for supporting the murder of Israelis. Prohibiting Rajoub’s entry to the US would demonstrate that there is no immunity for those who promote and glorify terror.

The US is committed to fighting terror, and that begins by preventing terror supporters from entering the country. Rajoub must be held accountable.

Please join these victims of terror in opposing Rajoub’s entry to the US.
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