Danish bible. (illustrative) (shutterstock)

A recently published Danish version of the Christian Bible excises the word “Israel,” replacing it with the words “Jews,” “land of the Jews,” and other variations.

Jewish leaders and organizations recently blasted the Danish Bible Society (DBS) for publishing a new version of the Christian Bible that omits the word “Israel,” with the exception of one mention.

According to the DBS, in their version of the Christian Bible, “the word ‘Israel’ has been translated into ‘the Jewish people,’ ‘the Jews,’ or ‘the people’ because when the Greek text uses the word ‘Israel’ it is referring to a people with whom God has a special relationship – Jacob’s descendants. However, for the secular reader, who does not know the Bible well, ‘Israel’ could be referring only to a country. Therefore the word ‘Israel’ in the Greek text has been translated in other ways, so that the reader understands it is referring to the Jewish people.”

In previous versions, the words “Jews” and “Israel” both appear as separate and distinct entities.

The modern Jewish state is in fact called “Israel” because it is the land that belonged to the People of Israel in the Bible, the ancestors of the Jewish people of the 21st century.

DBS’ argument that the decision was made to avoid identifying the Israel of the biblical era with with the modern State of Israel rings hollow, since it chose not to remove the names of other ancient places, such as “Egypt.”

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, Global Social Action director at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, commented that DBS removed “that nasty six letter word I-S-R-A-E-L, voila no more Israel.”

He continued, “Jew-haters and Israel-bashers rejoice!”

When the news of the DBS Bible broke, B’nai B’rith International (BBI) issued the following statement: “We are stunned that the new Danish Bible Society publication of the Bible erases references to Israel — out of stated worry over ‘confusion’ with the modern Jewish state.”

BBI added, “This surreal revision causes confusion and worse: whitewashing of history, identity, and sacred scripture.”

Those who support the State of Israel and the value of truth must tell the Danish Bible Society to stop distorting history by erasing the word “Israel” from the Christian Bible!

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