Ahmed Erekat. (Twitter)


CNN recently published an account of an intentional ramming attack that gave credence to claims that it was an accident, despite footage that disproved that contention.

Last week a Palestinian pulled up to a guard post near Jerusalem and in a terrifying moment captured on security cameras suddenly rammed his car at full speed and slammed into an Israeli policewoman.

Car rammings remain one of Palestinian terrorists’ favorite forms of attack. Indeed, Palestinians have committed 80 vehicular ramming attacks, killing and maiming scores of Israelis.

The attack last week was caught clearly on video, showing the car slowly approaching the checkpoint, after which the terrorist suddenly veers to the right and accelerates, slamming into the Israeli policewoman. The officer was sent flying through the air, but fortunately she was not killed and was released later from the hospital.

Although the attacker, identified as 27-year-old Ahmed Erekat, was quickly shot and killed before he could do any more damage, Palestinians made the ridiculous claim that he was “executed.”

Erekat was the nephew of senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat, whose family members quickly sent out messages on social media blaming Israel for an “extrajudicial killing” despite clear evidence showing the driver had tried to kill the policewoman.

Another cousin, Noura Erakat, an assistant professor at Rutgers University in the United States, said those who watched the video and called it a terror attack were being biased.

“This is hardly evidence of an attack,” she wrote on Facebook.

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib quickly retweeted posts from Noura Erekat, a cousin of Ahmed and a well-known anti-Israel activist on campus, who claimed the driver was innocent.

CNN’s report on this incident began with the headline, “Video of Palestinian man being shot after suspected attack at checkpoint sparks controversy.”

In response, media watchdog Honest Reporting commented, “CNN’s headline emphasizes the Israeli response – ‘man being shot’ – though most of the video documenting the incident is of Erekat attempting to ram his car. A bit misleading, no?”

“What’s missing here is any sense of historical context. In fact, Israeli security forces have become all too familiar with the pattern of a suspect ramming a car, exiting it, and then proceeding to stab at people,” the report concludes.

Why did CNN give credence to Palestinian propagandists’ versions of the incident, which claimed Erekat “lost control of his vehicle and accidentally mounted the curb” and concluded that “the shooting was cold-blooded murder”?

Tell CNN to stop promoting misleading versions of this heinous car ramming attack and distorting the true nature of Palestinian terror.

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