PA President Mahmoud Abbas delivers a diplomatic attack against Israel in the fall at the UN. Noa described these “international appeals to recognize Palestine” as “positive moves.” (AP/Richard Drew)

In what appears to be another outrageous lie, the Palestinian Authority leader claimed that he tried meeting Netanyahu to resume negotiations but was rebuffed.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly invited Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to restart negotiations towards a two-state solution, but to no avail. Instead, Abbas has conducted diplomatic warfare, demanding that Israel unilaterally withdraw from territory.

Most recently, at the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday, Abbas claimed that he had attempted to meet with the Israeli leader but was rejected.

The Prime Minister’s Office immediately denounced that claim as untrue, adding that even in Davos, Netanyahu again called on Abbas to negotiate.

“This is simply not right,” the PMO said in a statement. This is an attempt by Abbas to avoid his responsibility for the lack of negotiations. Today as well, in Davos, Netanyahu called for Abbas to come and negotiate without preconditions.”